The Monkey Face Padauk Box

Here's another experimental box. This was done from leftover cutting board material...the dark wood is padauk and the light border is maple. The wood in this box is very pretty, but I'm not really happy with the overall lines of the box. Something about it just doesn't quite feel right to me.

Here's the other front corner. Notice how the grain in the padauk flows around the corner of the box. This shot also gives an idea of the high-gloss finish I used for this box. I like the way the finish turned out, but it took me a lot of tries to get it right.

The inside of the lid is mirrored, and the bottom is lined with blue velvet. (There's a false bottom in the box, with a hidden compartment underneath.)

I've been calling this the "Monkey Box" because of the pattern that resulted in bookmatching the wood for the top. I looks more like a Wookie to me now, but this will forever be the Monkey Box.

This box has now undergone extensive reconstructive surgery, and it looks much different, and in my opinion, much better. Click here to see the new and improved version of the Monkey Box.


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